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Eilat promenade


Eilat is the best resort city in Israel. Eilat is located on the shore of the Red Sea, so this is an excellent city for tourists. One of the most crowded places is the Eilat promenade. It stretches from hotels to the coast.

It is a pedestrian street along the northern embankment of the Eilat Gulf. A lot of different cafes and restaurants, bars and hotels, attractions, shops and boutiques. Along the Eilat promenade there are equipped public or paid beaches. Day and night, life is always raging here.

Dolphin reef


The dolphin reef is one of the best places in Israel for exploring amazing marine mammals that live in natural conditions.

“Reef Dolphins” provides all the opportunities not only for communication with animals, but also just for a relaxed holiday. There are swimming pools with sun beds, drinks and other attributes of beach holidays.

Nature reserve “Coral beach”



The natural reserve “Coral Beach” is a unique place on the coast of Eilat. Guests of the city can see with their own eyes the amazing underwater world of the Eilat Gulf. The length of the beach is 3 km, and it stretches from the center of the resort towards the city of Taba.

Park Underwater Observatory


The Marine Park “Underwater Observatory” is located in the south-west of Eilat.

This is the largest aquarium in the Middle East and one of the best places for children.

The underwater observatory is located in the tower, which is submerged in the sea. A wooden bridge leads to the observatory.

Here, at a depth of 6 meters, an amazing underwater world opens. Also nearby is the coral reef “Japanese Gardens” and the coast of neighboring Jordan.

From the local berth regularly walks a pleasure boat “Coral-2000” with huge portholes in the underwater part of the hull.

In the jewelry store of the observatory there are performances with the opening of shell-pearls. The buyer chooses a pearl shell, the employee in the presence of guests opens it and takes out the pearl.